Grad Rankings: Share Your Feelings

Join in the growing debate about how to rate grad schools.

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Our recently published America's Best Graduate Schools rankings have triggered a growing debate about how to rate grad schools and what factors should be used.

The new law school rankings have been a primary focus. Check out the blogs Above the Law and TaxProf for some of the best coverage and reactions to the law school rankings. In addition, in Prof. Brian Leiter's Law School Reports, there is an open letter about how to improve the U.S. News law school rankings. I will comment on Leiter's open letter in the near future.

U.S. News would like this blog to be a vehicle for ongoing discussions of the Best Graduate School rankings. Readers of this blog can post comments, ask questions about the best grad rankings, and offer their own insights, positive or negative. You are invited to add your views to what has so far been a mostly one-way conversation. What do you have to do? Just go to the bottom of this blog entry (or my other previous posts) and click on "Comments," then follow the instructions. I will make an effort to quickly respond to your comments or questions.

If you are interested in more information about the America's Best Graduate Schools 2009 edition methodology, and for answers to frequently asked questions, you can go here.