About That 'Secret' Memo

For law school rankings, there's still only one place to go for the real thing.

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"The Official Leaked US News Law School Rankings, Plus Ranking Secrets Revealed!" Not quite. That "secret" memo that appears to have originated on the Concurring Opinions blog doesn't reveal the new law school rankings, and the accompanying "secret" memo and comments are not those of any U.S. News employee. We're much funnier.

When are the real new law school rankings coming out? U.S.News & World Report's new law rankings will be published online on March 28, 2008 on our website (usnews.com) in the 2009 edition of America's Best Graduate Schools. We urge everyone interested in seeing the accurate rankings— and the methodology that was used— to come back to U.S. News the last Friday of this month.