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Land a Summer Internship as a High School Student

Completing an internship can give students a leg up in college admissions, experts say.

Teen intern

Interning in high school can give students an idea of what they'd like to study in college.

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Students often come back to intern again once their initial internship is complete, Kern says. "This is NASA's opportunity to build its own pipeline for its future workforce," Kern says.

College applicants can use an internship at NASA to show their commitment to the subject they would like to study, Kern says. It demonstrates “they have not only the interest but practical experience in the field that they’re looking to major in."

High school students can get a stipend that ranges between $1,800 and $2,000 for the six-week summer experience at Goddard, but experts say many internships for high school students pay nothing. But even those that don't pay can be very beneficial, says Sandra Berger, author of "The Best Summer Programs for Teens: America's Top Classes, Camps, and Courses for College-Bound Students."

"You get skills, make contacts, learn what the business world is like, learn how to interview," she says.

Above all else, experts say, the experience gained from an internship can't be measured in dollars. "You're doing this internship to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your career,” says Lauren Berger.

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