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3 Ways Medical Students Can Excel in Residency Interviews

Students can use mock interviews to practice articulating why they're interested in a certain specialty.

Students should plan to discuss the information included in their application, such as their personal statement.
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"Like asking them about their personal life or, let's say, talking to a resident about the bar scene in that city," she says. "It's important that the applicant always maintain an air of formality."

3. Participate in practice interviews: Medical students can test out the residency interview process by doing mock interviews, experts say. Students should go to their student affairs office to find someone experienced in residency interviews to practice with, says Freedman.

Once they get an idea of what the interview is like, they can rehearse with friends, but should be careful to avoid one of the traps of repetition. "It's important to never memorize answers," she says.

Interviews should be like conversations, she says. Students should try not to be too anxious. Practicing what they want to express during an interview may help students to be less nervous about the process, Freedman says.

"It just allows you to then walk into an interview and to have more comfort in speaking," she says.

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