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Methodology: 2015 Best Law Schools Rankings

Find out how U.S. News ranks law schools.

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Rank Not Published: Rank Not Published means that U.S. News did calculate a numerical ranking for that school/program, but decided for editorial reasons that since the school/program ranked below the U.S. News cutoff that U.S. News would not publish the ranking for that school/program.

U.S. News will supply schools/programs listed as Rank Not Published with their numerical rankings, if they submit a request following the procedures listed in the Information for School Officials.

Schools/programs marked as Rank Not published are listed alphabetically. In law, we have numerically ranked the top three-fourths of the law schools that were eligible to be ranked. The bottom quarter of the law schools are listed as Rank Not Published and are listed alphabetically.

Unranked: Unranked means that U.S. News did not calculate a numerical ranking for that law school. The school or program did not supply U.S. News with enough key statistical data to be numerically ranked by U.S. News. Schools or programs marked as Unranked are listed alphabetically and are listed below those marked as Rank Not Published.

Sources: U.S. News and the schools. Assessment data collected by Ipsos Public Affairs. N/A = data were not provided by the school.

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