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Turn a Law School Internship Into a Job

Interns should remember that even at social events, they are constantly being evaluated.

Interns should wait until they've received positive feedback before inquiring about full-time work.

Interns should wait until they've received positive feedback before inquiring about full-time work.

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Q: What are some other ways an intern can express interest about a job?

A: You should wait until you receive positive feedback from the people you're working with. So if they say to you, 'So-and-so, you've been a great intern' and you know that they like your work, maybe near the end of the program, you could ask about the possibility of whether or not they are hiring for full-time employment.

But a lot of the time ... they're not. It's just the nature of the economy. People have to be patient and do all they can to network and meet people. It's a tough environment now.

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Q: What are some networking strategies for interns?

A: Get to know as many people at the organization as possible. So even if you don't get the chance to work with somebody, try to at least interact with them socially. Meet them, introduce yourself. So I would say it's important to be friendly, and outgoing.

And in terms of networking, if there are events for summer interns, try to go to as many of the events as possible. The events are an opportunity for you to spend some time with the people you're working with in a more relaxed environment.

That said, you have to be careful to always act appropriately. Even when you are at a social event, you are still being judged, you are still being evaluated. Many of the situations you hear about where people lose out on a job are ones where they acted inappropriately at an event.

Q: What are some common characteristics among all good legal interns?

A: Communication, good judgment, common sense. The rules for summer employees are not that much different than the rules for full-time employees.

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