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Law Student Profile: Why I Picked University of Cincinnati

A third-year law student explains why she chose to attend the University of Cincinnati.

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Aisha Monem is a 26-year-old student at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Here, in her own words, she tells U.S. News why she chose to attend the school to pursue her J.D.:

Most aspiring law students have seen The Paper Chase or, at least, Legally Blonde. In both movies, the legal jargon is complex, the teachers formidable, and the students cutthroat. So while searching for a law school, I feared I was doomed to enter a cold, competitive environment. Now in my final year at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, I realize how misguided those fears were.

When I entered UC, there were 122 students in my class, and the school assigned each student to one of six sections for the first year. So there were at least two classes each semester where I shared a professor with only 20 other students, who became my study buddies, flag football team members, and some of my best friends. Being in a small section, especially as a first year student, really allows you to feel comfortable speaking in class.

In addition to the sense of community UC offers, it allows students to contribute to different institutes and centers, each focusing on a different area of law. I participated as a fellow in UC's Ohio Innocence Project. UC founded the project in 2003, and it allows students to assist convicted prisoners who claim to be innocent of the crimes charged.

Nationally, the Innocence Project has exonerated more than 250 people using post-conviction DNA testing. As a fellow, I was able to practice client counseling; do hands-on research and investigation; and write briefs, appeals, and motions on behalf of my clients.

Thanks to plenty of hard work, and assistance from the tight-knit UC community, I was offered a job at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, a full-service law firm in Cincinnati. I am excited about starting the next chapter of my life and grateful to UC for helping get me there.

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