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Video: Avoid Common GMAT Mistakes

Three GMAT experts share advice on how to excel on the business school admissions exam.

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About 250,000 Graduate Management Admission Tests are administered each year to prospective business school students, and some of these students will not do well on the exam. The GMAT, as it's commonly called, tests students on several topics – such as their ability to reason – and is a requirement for admission at many schools.

It's not uncommon for people to spend months studying – with a group, by themselves or with a personal tutor – to get the highest score possible. But even the most studious test-takers are at risk of making mistakes that could negatively impact their score.

To help prospective students avoid these errors, U.S. News Education spoke with a panel of GMAT experts. They include John Fulmer, Princeton Review’s national content director for GMAT programs; Dan Gonzalez, president of Manhattan Prep, a national test preparation company; and Joanna Graham, director of field marketing for the Graduate Management Admission Council, which administers the GMAT.

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