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3 Questions to Ask About Business Analytics Programs

Who teaches the classes and what classes are offered can distinguish programs for prospective MBAs.

More employers are looking to hire MBAs with business analytics skills, experts say.
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At least five schools offer analytics as a concentration for MBAs, and about twice that many offer it as a Master of Science degree, according to data from the Graduate Management Admission Council, which tracks programs that require the GMAT.

Students who are conflicted about which degree to pursue should keep their career goals in mind. Pursuing an MBA with a concentration in business analytics could be a better fit for someone going into a managerial position, says Prasad.

"Someone who is a little further along in their career, who already has quite a bit of experience and wants to kind of see how their organizations can make better use of analytics," he says. "They themselves are not the ones developing the models or doing the analytics."

At George Washington, Prasad said, many M.S. students have a more concerted interest in the topic.

"As the next step in their career they want to focus on analytics," he says.

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