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4 Hurdles for Employees Headed to Business School

MBA candidates must learn to manage their time differently in business school.

MBA candidates should prepare for a vibrant social schedule on top of academic demands.
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Blake Parrish worked in marketing before heading to Rice for business school and didn't feel the need to take any classes in preparation. But he did have some of the other challenges students face when transitioning, such as adjusting to a jam-packed day.

His previous job was no cakewalk, he says, but business school came with longer hours. He typically starts studying at 7 a.m., has classes and extracurricular activities throughout the day and starts studying again around 8 p.m.

"Business school is definitely more challenging," says the first-year student. He encourages prospective students to embrace the new opportunities they'll face and dive into the busy setting.

"Give it your all," he says. "And enjoy it."

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