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4 Ways to Prepare to Impress MBA Recruiters

Build a relationship with potential employers by networking at conferences and panel discussions.

New MBAs should be  able to articulate why a company and an industry interests them.
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If a business school doesn't have a formal event for this kind of interaction, Starr encourages new MBAs to seek out upperclassmen who may be able to advise them.

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4. Sharpen extracurricular activities: In almost every concentration, there's a club that caters to a student's interests, experts say. "There are consulting clubs and marketing clubs or finance clubs," says Jack Gainer, CEO of MBA Focus, which connects companies – such as General Mills, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft – with MBA candidates from more than 75 schools.

Participating in clubs can help demonstrate leadership skills, Gainer says, which can attract an employer's attention. It can also have other benefits.

"It shows that there is team participation," says Barclay.

MBA candidates should also be focused on their activities outside of the classroom, as they can be just as important.

Barclay says a student interested in the tech industry, for example, should be prepared to have recruiters ask "What are your three favorite apps?" and "Have you created an app?"

Employers want to know "that a student has a deep interest in that company and industry," he says.

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