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Master the MBA Interview as an International Candidate

Candidates should be familiar with Skype if interviewing for a U.S. school from abroad.

Prospective students should anticipate making some mistakes when speaking English, but shouldn't expect that to ruin the interview.
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Learning how to communicate with potential classmates can also have long-lasting benefits. MBA programs are collaborative and often involve group projects, Leventhal says.

5. Ask thoughtful questions: When the interview is coming to a close, it's common for the interviewer to ask if the candidate has any questions. Prospective international students sometimes make the mistake of asking how much scholarship money they would qualify for. This question can seem presumptuous to admissions officers.

"We haven't even decided if you're going to be admitted yet," says Armstrong from the Cox School of Business.

"How did I do?" is also a bad question. The interview is only one part of the admissions process and admissions officers don't want to discuss how a candidate did at this point, she says.

Candidates should instead focus questions on specific aspects of the business school. Asking two or three questions that clarify something about the MBA program, for example, would be fitting, Armstrong says.

"It shows us that you've done some preparation," she says.

Prospective students have few reasons not to prepare for such an important step in the admissions cycle. Most interviews are by invitation only after candidates have submitted an application. Those that receive an invite are encouraged not to squander the opportunity.

It's an indication that you've made it through the first hurdle, Armstrong says. "This is your opportunity to really indicate to us why we should admit you to this program."

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