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At Some Business Schools, the Salesman's Not Dead

Companies are hiring MBAs with sales experience, according to an executive career coach.

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[Learn how entrepreneurship is gaining momentum at business schools.] 

Colin Myers, president of the MBA class of 2013 at the Crummer school, appreciates learning the nuts and bolts of sales. Crummer is one of many schools that hosts elevator pitch competitions, and Myers won first prize and seed money at the latest competition by pitching SunVoter, a website with information about Florida political candidates that he cofounded with classmates. 

No matter what kind of job a recent MBA is seeking, it will require understanding sales to influence people, make recommendations, and substantiate arguments, Myers says. 

"People going door to door—that might not be ideal for some people. Maybe someone who gives an elevator pitch wouldn't necessarily be the best to go door to door," he says. "The advice and the key there is to find out where your strengths lie and utilize that, but still have an understanding of why sales is important." 

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