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3 Tips for Prospective M.B.A. Students From China

Chinese applicants to U.S. business schools are on the rise; find out how to set yourself apart.

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"The admissions committee really wants to get to know the applicant," she says. "So take time to reflect on your experiences and goals."

For example, if an applicant has any international experiences, such as studying abroad or volunteering for work projects outside of China, that will demonstrate the student's ability to adapt to and work in other countries, Koh says.

She acknowledges that students are under great pressure to stand out and how that sometimes pushes them to give a laundry list of extracurricular activities. But unless the experiences are real and significant to the student, they won't help the admissions officers to learn more about the applicant.

Tell your story, Koh encourages, because, ultimately, this is about you.

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