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LinkedIn Transforms Job Search for M.B.A. Graduates

Business schools are encouraging students to start early and be active on the social networking site.

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Though it is not as popular with recruiters as LinkedIn, Facebook is also a platform that can help students network with professionals. A study published in 2011 by the Education Advisory Board showed that 86.6 percent of human resource and recruiting specialists used LinkedIn, compared to 55.3 percent on Facebook, and 46.6 percent on Twitter. 

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When using Facebook for career networking, students need to be cautious about what they post on their pages, says Jeannine Berge, career coach at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln College of Business Administration. Yet regardless of which platform they choose, the strategy does not change, Berge adds. 

"It's still the same thing, with people finding someone that they know and connecting in that way," Berge says. "If they start off with the personal connections, sometimes it's not as intimidating as trying to connect with someone they may not know."

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