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6 Résumé Writing Tips for Business School Grads

Follow these rules to ensure your résumé makes an impression and helps you land a job.

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To make your personal mark, consider a different strategy. "Handwritten thank you notes [following an interview] are a very nice touch and can differentiate you," Tsung says. Just remember to first send an E-mail thank you to the hiring manager. Maintaining a solid LinkedIn profile also makes a strong impression. "We encourage students to have an updated LinkedIn profile and to join industry associations and school groups," says Tsung. "It's a wonderful way to connect with and research individuals." 

6. Don't embellish: Learn the difference between selling and falsifying yourself. Not being truthful is a cardinal sin for any job seeker, business graduate, or otherwise. "Just don't lie," Cohen says. "Don't lie about your GPA; don't lie about where you went to school. Don't lie and say you have a degree when you don't." 

If scholastic achievements aren't noteworthy and/or if work accomplishments are few, Cohen suggests focusing more on volunteer work and side projects "It's great information to include if they have limited experience," she says.

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