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7 Keys to Finding the Right M.B.A. Learning Environment for You

Consider the ways a school's curriculum is delivered, a former b-school admissions dean says.

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7. Class size: This can make a huge difference for students. Some like larger classes with lots of students. Others feel more at home with smaller class sizes, which often foster a more communal feel. Which do you prefer?

When reviewing your potential business school options, it is critical to think beyond reputation and first-year salary. Not that those aren't important, but by evaluating all of the above, you are adding an extremely important component to your business school research: the learning environment in which you feel most comfortable and from which you will attain the greatest benefit and most success. 

Dr. Don Martin, Ph.D., is a higher education admissions expert, author, and former admissions dean at Columbia University, Northwestern University, Wheaton College, and University of Chicago Booth School of Business. To learn more about graduate admissions, visit gradschoolroadmap.com.