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How to Get In: Purdue University—West Lafayette Krannert School of Management

What can you do to set yourself apart in your application? Admissions officials have the answers.


• Lack of cohesion between the various components of the application (e.g., information in the personal statement is inconsistent with what is said about the applicant in the recommendation letters)

• Recommendation letters coming from a person with little knowledge of the applicant

• No strong desire to attend Purdue in the essays or personal statement

Some of the biggest mistakes we see in interviews include:

• No desire or ability to develop rapport with the interviewer

• Overly rehearsed answers that do not come across as genuine

• Lack of knowledge about Purdue University

• Inability to sell one's personal brand

• Inability to differentiate from other candidates

• Answers that seem like they are trying to impress the interviewer as opposed to genuinely answering the question

• Lack of questions for the interviewer

• Lack of follow up after the interview

10. Can you describe the archetypal student for your school?

Our typical student graduated from a top university with good grades and extracurricular experiences. He or she has worked for about four years, demonstrating progressive work responsibilities along the way. They are looking to earn an M.B.A. to enhance their career trajectory and are looking for a program offering strong academics, numerous experiential learning opportunities, and a diverse learning environment.

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