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Some E.M.B.A. Programs Designed for Linebackers, Wine Makers

These executive programs accommodate wine harvests, sports seasons, and religious obligations.


[Read about WNBA star Lisa Leslie's M.B.A.

Careful planning is important to many applicants to a new, Sunday-only M.B.A. program at Yeshiva University's Syms School of Business which will begin in the fall. David Berk, who was recently accepted into the inaugural cohort, says he cannot take courses on Friday evenings or most of Saturdays, because he is a Sabbath-observant Jew. 

Berk, who is chief executive officer of the New York-based company Robotics Systems & Technologies, says he has wanted an E.M.B.A. for years, but all the New York-area programs he researched have Saturday classes. "It's a show stopper for someone like me," he says. 

An online graduate business degree could be a godsend for Orthodox Jews, Berk admits, but he's not inspired by the reputations of online M.B.A.'s. "Sometimes [when] I hear people talking about those programs, you hear a little snicker in the background," he says. 

Jews aren't the only demographic for the program, according to Mayer Fertig, senior director of media relations at Yeshiva. "This is also of use to Seventh-day Adventists," he says, "as well as those who are not willing to miss Skippy's little league games on Saturdays but would be willing to go to school on Sunday." 

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