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Start-ups Offer Risks, Rewards for M.B.A. Interns

Business students can learn all facets of an industry via internships with start-up firms.

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"I have to remind myself, sure, they have a job, but it's not the job I want," she says. "No start-up is going to hire you a year in advance."

[Consider two things every employer wants.]

For M.B.A. students aiming to turn their start-up internship into a career, initiative and passion about the product go a long way, says Tony Cappaert, cofounder of Contactually, a web tool that helps businesses manage E-mail contacts.

"I don't want someone to tell me how much of a go-getter they are ... I want them to take initiative and show me how they're going to add value to me and my organization now," Cappaert says. "And if you can do that unprompted, you're going to stand out from everyone else."

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