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Get Into Business School: Admissions Essays

Do your research and don't write a generic essay for every school.

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"Kellogg is remarkable because of its wealth of biotech/healthcare resources. I am excited to join a community of aggressive and exciting innovators. I really believe that the Health Enterprise Management major is unique and offers a depth of courses and practical offerings unmatched by other schools." 

"What appeals to me about the Health Enterprise Management (HEMA) major is that I can delve into traditional management offerings at a high level, while engaging in the pure science at the beginner level, where I admittedly currently stand. The science boot camp and science tutorials will ensure that I am conversant in the language of the field and will prepare me for the advanced courses that will be crucial to my success as a manager in this sophisticated field. Considering my career interests, I am looking forward to Intellectual Capital Management and Medical Innovation, where I would experience an unprecedented view into the innovation life cycle. I would also seize the opportunity to join the Global Health Initiative, wherein…."  [Learn how to get the best b-school letters of recommendation.] 4. How much time should applicants spend writing and revising their essays? Should applicants have several people critique it or is it obvious when editing gets too heavy-handed? The answer to this question is different, depending on the candidate's communication skills, his or her ability to integrate feedback, his or her level of knowledge of the process and more. I think that everyone needs a second set of eyes, but I do think that because this is a qualitative process candidates should limit their feedback loops. If you ask enough people to read your work, you will eventually find someone who does not like what you have written and it may cause undue doubt. I might show my completed work to two people, and if they both approve, that would be the time to end the search for feedback.  5. How much do essays tend to matter when compared with other aspects of the application? Essays are important as they are entirely in the candidate's control. The candidate has the opportunity to subtly persuade the admissions officers of his or her worthiness of a place in the class. Still, writing effective essays is not a matter of using multi-syllable words, but is in fact an exercise in using past experiences to reveal profound contributions to the class while a student and remarkable career potential as an alumnus. [Ultimately], the admissions officers are interested in the entire candidate. GPA, work experience, GMAT, recommendations, interview skills, and more are all factors in a process that is evaluated on a qualitative basis. Admissions officers are at pains to tell candidates that this is a holistic process. After 10 years of experience, I can say with confidence that this is not just a cliché.

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