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FAQ: U.S. News Graduate School Compass

Get answers to common questions about the comprehensive tool. 


1. What do I get when I purchase the U.S. News Graduate School Compass? 

You will get access to graduate salary data (law and business), all entrance test scores (GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and GRE), average student indebtedness (law, business and medicine) and premium tools and features.

2. How long is my U.S. News Graduate School Compass membership valid? 

Your membership is valid for one year from purchase date.

3. What browser should I use to access the U.S. News Graduate School Compass? 

For the best experience browsing usnews.com, you must have at least Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 31+, Firefox 26+ or Safari 6+.

4. What system requirements do I need to log in? 

A browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled is required. Recommended browsers include IE 9+, Firefox 26+, Chrome 31+ or Safari 6+.

5. Can I access the U.S. News Graduate School Compass on more than one computer? 

You can access the U.S. News Graduate School Compass on more than one machine without an additional charge. Please note, however, that access is for individual use only, and you cannot share your password with anyone. Significant use of a single password on multiple computers could result in suspension of that password.

If you are working on a shared machine, such as a computer in a library or university lab, you should click the "Log Out" link when you are finished.

6. What is your cancellation policy? 

If you are not satisfied with the U.S. News Graduate School Compass, you may cancel your subscription within the first 24 hours of purchase, and we will refund your fee. To cancel your subscription, please contact usnewscollegecompass@usnews.com.

7. I can't find the solution to my problem here. How can I contact you for more help? 

Please contact usnewscollegecompass@usnews.com with any remaining questions.