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Seek a Professional Certificate to Get a Career Boost

For some students, a certificate or just a few courses are enough to get a promotion – and a raise.

Students can change their career trajectory with as little as one course, experts say.
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[Gain job skills with a professional master's degree.]

"It's becoming standard practice that all management employees understand accounting practices, so problems are caught faster," White says.

One student who had an MBA came back to school at Rio Salado just to take accounting and finance courses that went beyond the introductory classes. She had found she couldn't advance within her company to upper-level management without the knowledge gained in additional course work.

"Colleges are generally 10 to 15 years behind what's needed in the workforce," White says. That's why team work classes weren't taught and further accounting courses weren't required, he says. "The higher education system is finally catching up."

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