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Frequently Asked Questions for Media

Here are answers to common questions about the U.S. News graduate school rankings.

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1. How do you correctly write the magazine's name?

It's U.S. News & World Report. On subsequent references, the company is often called U.S. News.

2. How many of the Best Graduate Schools guidebooks do you sell? How much Web traffic do you get?

U.S. News elects not to give out those numbers.

3. I have questions about the rankings data and methodologies. Whom can I contact?

Visit the U.S. News Education Rankings Methodologies page for detailed methodologies and frequently asked questions about the U.S. News Education rankings. If you have questions about the Best Graduate Schools data or rankings not covered in the methodologies, please E-mail your request to the U.S. News data team at official@usnews.com.

4. I am a member of the news media. How can I get my name added to your E-mail lists for breaking news and information about your rankings and Web launches?

E-mail your request to Education-PR@usnews.com. Include your name, job title, program, news organization, mailing address, phone number, and E-mail address.

5. How do I reach a U.S. News staff member for a broadcast interview?

To book a U.S. News staff member for radio or television, contact Education-PR@usnews.com.