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2012 Graduate School Alumni Draw High Salaries, Study Claims

But critics say the report’s methodology yields limited results.

Despite widespread conversations about a tough economy, recent grad school alumni are well paid, a new study says.
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"The skills gained in graduate programs often provide for a more critical professional outlook, and in my experience, the career services support that I have found in graduate school has been much more accessible and forthcoming about opportunities and the job market than those I found in undergrad," he says.

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The NACE average salary numbers also sound accurate to Lauren Hudgins, a second-year M.F.A. student at Portland State University. But Hudgins, who graduated from college in 2006 and has never earned more than $25,000 per year, questions the degree to which the study takes into account the "months many graduates spent unemployed."

"I would be curious to see the medians and means including people who are employed part time, because they cannot find full-time work," she says.

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