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What Potential MCAT Changes Mean for Premed Students

The test will likely undergo a significant overhaul in 2015. Find out how to best prepare.

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Brenda Armstrong, director of admissions at the Duke University School of Medicine, is opposed to the changes and claims officials at many peer institutions echo her sentiments. "It will be almost impossible for people who are not science majors to go to medical school," she says. "I have some real concerns about the impact that this will eventually have on the pool of people that we will be able to pull from to prepare and train a diverse workforce." 

Meanwhile, Bonnie Miller, senior associate dean for health sciences education at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, feels the MCAT's expanded measures of science and social awareness will better reflect the skills needed by doctors in a rapidly evolving medical climate.

"The proposed changes in the MCAT are much needed," she says. "Physicians of the future must be critical thinkers who can manage complexity in diverse settings, from ethical dilemmas within families to the operations of integrated health systems…The proposed changes will better align the MCAT with the measurable traits we seek." 

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