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Graduate Admissions Exams Get a Makeover

Modifications to the GRE and GMAT aim to more accurately assess real-world skills.

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The official GMAT website will offer more details on the new test questions in the coming months. But remember, Seltzer advises, "Your score on this test is not tattooed on your forehead at birth." As with the GRE, you can take the exam up to five times a year. Retaking the test can make sense for those applying to schools that have a formal policy of considering only the best score an applicant achieves.

Keep in mind that while the $250 GMAT remains the go-to test for many M.B.A. applicants, an increasing number of business schools are now accepting the GRE in addition to the GMAT—or instead of it. But you'll want to check with each institution to determine its policy (and the weight given to each exam) before making a decision to take one or both.

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