10 Least Car-Friendly Universities

Don't plan on bringing your vehicle with you to some of these schools.

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Heading off to college affords students many freedoms, from seemingly endless food selections at all-you-care-to-eat buffets to the ability to stay up as late as you please. One thing that students aren't always assured of, however, is the freedom to bring a car to school. 

For students who live on college campuses, a car may not be a necessity since, at most schools, everything is centralized. That's especially good news at some National Universities, including Georgetown University and the University of Wisconsin—Madison, where students aren't allowed to keep their cars on the premises. 

Of the 268 National Universities ranked by U.S. News, 168 reported data in 2011 on the percentage of students who kept cars on campus. On average, about 49 percent of students bring and keep cars at school. At the universities on the list below, however, no more than 5 percent of the student population has vehicles on the premises. 

Campuses where most students don't bring cars tend to be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, with thoroughfares that don't require students to deal with the hassle of car traffic or problems snagging a parking spot before class. Plus, since most of the National Universities on this list are located in major cities, including Washington, New York, and Philadelphia, public transportation is nearby to carry students further afield. 

These are the National Universities where the smallest percentages of students keep cars on campus, based on school-reported data in 2011. Due to ties, there are 11 schools on this list. The percentages below do not reflect students who live off campus, where they may have cars. 

National University (state) Total Enrollment Percentage of students with cars U.S. News rank
Georgetown University 16,871 0% 22
Polytechnic Institute of New York University 4,432 0% 138
University of Wisconsin—Madison 42,595 0% 42
Boston University 32,727 2% 53
DePaul University (IL) 25,145 2% 132
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10,566 3% 5
University of Pennsylvania 19,842 3% 5
Johns Hopkins University (MD) 21,092 5% 13
Loyola University Chicago 15,951 5% 119
University of California—Santa Barbara 22,218 5% 42
Yale University (CT) 11,701 5% 3

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