Late-Deadline Scholarships

Time is ticking away, and you still haven't figured out how you'll be able to afford the fall semester.

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Time is ticking away, and you still haven't figured out how you'll be able to afford books for the fall semester. Never fear. These late-deadline scholarship programs can help you earn some money for your education.

Name Deadline Amount Type
College Prowler No Essay Scholarship 4/30/10 $2,000 Random drawing
Big Dig Scholarship 4/30/10 $3,000 Essays by high school seniors or college underclassmen
Six Flags Friends Scholarship 4/30/10 $1,500 Community projects and leadership
Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship 5/1/10 $5,000 Two essays by high school seniors or college freshmen under 25
American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship 5/3/10 $2,000 Online, multiple-choice test for high school seniors on fire sprinklers
Zinch Super Student Stimulus Scholarship 5/3/10 $5,555 Best Zinch profile
College Is Power 5/31/10 $1,500 150-word essay
Transportation Clubs International scholarships 5/31/10 $1,500 Essay for students studying transportation, logistics, supply-chain management, traffic management, or related fields
Frances L. Moore Scholarship 5/31/10 $1,000 Essay for nursing students
Alma Mayfield Scholarship 5/31/10 $1,000 Essay
LTC Karen Wagner Scholarship 5/31/10 $1,000 Essay
Matters of Life & Death Scholarship Writing Contest 6/1/10 $1,000 Essay for California high schoolers
Journyx Excellence In Productivity Philosophy Essay Scholarship 6/1/10 $500 Essay Scholarship 6/1/10 $1,500 Minimum of 1,500-word essay for college students with a GPA of at least 3.5
Duck Tape® Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest 6/7/10 $3,000 Best couple's prom outfit made of duct tape
Pfizer's Epilepsy Scholarship 6/15/10 $2,000 Essay by students with epilepsy
BigSun Scholarship 6/24/10 $500 Short essay by student-athletes
Jamison Award 6/24/10 $2,500 1,000-word essay by high school seniors on energy
NextStep Free Tuition Scholarship 6/30/10 $10,000 Sign up to receive marketing pitches and enter a random drawing
Joe Foss Institute Independence Day Scholarship 7/2/10 $5,000 Essay about freedom
Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship 7/31/10 $1,000 Essay
Castle Ink's Green Scholarship 7/31/10 $2,500 100-word essay on recycling and optional ink cartridge art project
American Fire Sprinkler Association Second Chance Scholarship 8/25/10 $1,000 Online, multiple-choice test about fire sprinklers
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest 9/17/10 $10,000 Essay
SunTrust Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes Every 2 weeks ending 5/11/10 $1,000 Random drawing for high school seniors
Discus Awards Monthly $2,000 Short essays about leadership
Cappex Monthly $1,000 Best Cappex profile

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