Late-Deadline Scholarships

Time is ticking away, and you still haven't figured out how you'll be able to afford the fall semester.


Time is ticking away, and you still haven't figured out how you'll be able to afford books for the fall semester. Never fear. These late-deadline scholarship programs can help you earn some money for your education.

Name Deadline Amount Type
College Prowler No Essay Scholarship 4/30/10 $2,000 Random drawing
Big Dig Scholarship 4/30/10 $3,000 Essays by high school seniors or college underclassmen
Six Flags Friends Scholarship 4/30/10 $1,500 Community projects and leadership
Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship 5/1/10 $5,000 Two essays by high school seniors or college freshmen under 25
American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship 5/3/10 $2,000 Online, multiple-choice test for high school seniors on fire sprinklers
Zinch Super Student Stimulus Scholarship 5/3/10 $5,555 Best Zinch profile
College Is Power 5/31/10 $1,500 150-word essay
Transportation Clubs International scholarships 5/31/10 $1,500 Essay for students studying transportation, logistics, supply-chain management, traffic management, or related fields
Frances L. Moore Scholarship 5/31/10 $1,000 Essay for nursing students
Alma Mayfield Scholarship 5/31/10 $1,000 Essay
LTC Karen Wagner Scholarship 5/31/10 $1,000 Essay
Matters of Life & Death Scholarship Writing Contest 6/1/10 $1,000 Essay for California high schoolers
Journyx Excellence In Productivity Philosophy Essay Scholarship 6/1/10 $500 Essay Scholarship 6/1/10 $1,500 Minimum of 1,500-word essay for college students with a GPA of at least 3.5
Duck Tape® Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest 6/7/10 $3,000 Best couple's prom outfit made of duct tape
Pfizer's Epilepsy Scholarship 6/15/10 $2,000 Essay by students with epilepsy
BigSun Scholarship 6/24/10 $500 Short essay by student-athletes
Jamison Award 6/24/10 $2,500 1,000-word essay by high school seniors on energy
NextStep Free Tuition Scholarship 6/30/10 $10,000 Sign up to receive marketing pitches and enter a random drawing
Joe Foss Institute Independence Day Scholarship 7/2/10 $5,000 Essay about freedom
Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship 7/31/10 $1,000 Essay
Castle Ink's Green Scholarship 7/31/10 $2,500 100-word essay on recycling and optional ink cartridge art project
American Fire Sprinkler Association Second Chance Scholarship 8/25/10 $1,000 Online, multiple-choice test about fire sprinklers
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest 9/17/10 $10,000 Essay
SunTrust Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes Every 2 weeks ending 5/11/10 $1,000 Random drawing for high school seniors
Discus Awards Monthly $2,000 Short essays about leadership
Cappex Monthly $1,000 Best Cappex profile