Video: Student Loan Repayment Q-and-A

Three experts discuss what not to do when repaying student loans.

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Student loans are the first major financial responsibility that many young adults face.

The loans serve as a steppingstone to prepare graduates for mortgage and car payments, and come with built-in safety nets such as in-school deferrals, a six-month grace period and flexible repayment options.

Once that period expires, however, it is essential that borrowers stay on top of their loans. Doing so can be challenging if graduates have trouble landing a job right after college or can't make their monthly payments.

To help students kick their loan repayment off on the right foot, U.S. News gathered a panel of experts - including Betsy Mayotte from American Student Assistance, Carrie Sloan from the personal finance website LearnVest and Kathy Rosa from Boston College -  to answer questions about student loan repayment.

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