Find out how to pay off your student loans.

7 Ways to Prepare for Student Loan Repayment

Recent grads have a six-month grace period, but that doesn't mean it's time to forget about debt.

Find out how to pay off your student loans.

Get on the right track to pay off your student loans.


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6. Seek out your financial aid officers: You may have graduated, but it's likely your financial aid office will be open to you reaching back with questions through your grace period and into your repayment term. 

"I have had graduates who call me three years later and ask questions," Susquehanna's Wolfe says. "The financial aid office is always open to our students, our families, our alumni, friends of the university, anyone." 

7. Relax: What's one important piece of advice student loan adviser Fudge tells the graduates he counsels? 

"Not to panic," he says. It can be an anxious six months before your payments come due, Fudge acknowledges, but utilizing resources and visualizing long-term can ease some of the initial stress. 

"Just the fact that you can begin thinking down the road helps you get into the mentality that, 'This a process; I'll see it through,'" Fudge notes. 

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