10 Things You Need to Know About Net Price Calculators

The tools can help you gauge college costs if you know how to use them.

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6. What they calculate: Even at schools with the most comprehensive calculators, the findings will be estimates, not the actual figure you'll be paying if you're admitted and enroll. Your true net price could be thousands of dollars more or less than what a calculator estimated, depending on factors such as decreases in school aid, increasing tuition, or a change in your family's financial situation. 

7. What they don't produce: Schools are required to include this disclaimer, but make sure you're clear: Calculator findings are in no way a guarantee that you'll be admitted to a certain college or, if you are accepted, that you'll receive a set amount of funding in your first year or in subsequent years. 

8. How they might differ: The federal government created a free calculator template for all schools to use. However, many schools have opted for other calculators, either created by a vendor or by the school itself, that might be more accurate to their individual institutions. Because of this and the reasons listed above, the net price estimate you'll receive using one school's calculator may not be comparable to the estimate you get using another institution's tool. 

[See why custom calculators might be more accurate.] 

9. Where you might find them: Schools are required to have a calculator—not to have one that's easy to find. While some colleges prominently display their calculators on their financial aid websites, other net price calculators are much harder to find

To make it easier for you, U.S. News has tracked down net price calculators for more than 250 top colleges

10. What their limitations mean for you: While you won't get a perfect picture of the price of college, net price calculators, if used correctly, should give you a relatively accurate ballpark figure. 

The estimates might show a prospective student that a school with an extremely high sticker price is actually affordable with need-based aid, or might motivate parents of young children to start saving early. Just remember to take each finding with a grain of salt, and not to rule out one school because its calculation is less than another's—for all the reasons above. 

If you have any questions as you experiment with net price calculators, contact the financial aid offices of the colleges you are considering.

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