Colleges With High Student Loan Repayment Rates

Tech, nursing, and liberal arts college students are among the top repayers of loans.

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Updated on 9/14/2010: An earlier version of this story didn’t include all  the details of the loan repayment formula. 

The federal government's analysis of the student loan repayment rates of more than 8,000 colleges and trade schools has some surprises. Despite recent criticism of liberal arts courses as no longer relevant to today's workers, many traditional liberal arts colleges have higher student loan repayment rates than some business-oriented schools.

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The Department of Education analyzed the total value of the federal student loans taken out by all students who left or graduated college from October 2004 to March 2008. Those who made at least $1 in principal repayment, or who had received a military or school deferment from October 2008 to September 2009 were considered to be repaying.

The rate was calculated by dividing by the value of all the loans of those who had left school by the value the loans belonging to the students in repayment. The numbers are controversial, but most of the criticism is coming from schools with low repayment rates

 Here is a list of undergraduate colleges with more than 100 borrowers and very high repayment rates.

School Name # of students who borrowed Median Federal Student Debt Estimated Repayment Rate
California Insitute of Technology 100 $7,557 92%
Dordt College 978 $11,938 92%
Medcenter One College of Nursing 119 $8,672 91%
Bellin College of Nursing 202 $15,882 91%
Harvey Mudd College 273 $11,477 90%
Martin Luther College 549 $10,250 90%
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 691 $41,694 90%
College of St. Benedict 1,198 $12,485 89%
Gettysburg College 1,189 $13,471 88%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1,897 $15,918 88%
Lafayette College 788 $13,078 88%
Williams College 515 $7,768 88%
Northwestern College (IA) 1,102 $11,947 88%
Linfield College - Portland campus 529 $19,805 88%
Cedarville University 1,724 $11,598 88%
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 1,067 $12,937 88%
Colby College 600 $11,980 87%
Colgate University 749 $11,032 87%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2,488 $17,262 87%
Massachusetts Maritime Academy 616 $11,562 87%

Source: US Department of Education

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