4 Types of People Who Benefit From Community College

Community college can help older and younger students transition into a college environment.

Professionals who need additional certification may benefit from the short-term nature of community colleges.
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Students who want to continue building skills that may not necessarily lead to a degree can develop interests without spending a lot of money at community colleges. Community college is a great place for people to invest in themselves through specialized classes and learn skills that can eventually make them money, Odegbami says. 

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Ultimately, officials say that it's important for students to remember that community colleges are institutions that teach college-level course work. All students need to be focused, motivated, prepared and determined – regardless of their backgrounds – if they want to benefit from and succeed in community college, Northwest Vista College's Gaitan says. 

"You're going to have all sorts of obstacles, all sorts of reasons to walk away – is your reason for being here bigger?"

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