How to Deal With a Bad College Roommate

Address roommate disagreements one-on-one or talk to a resident assistant.

Don’t let your frustrations pile up. Discuss issues with your roommate as they arise.

4. If you live on campus, consult your resident assistant: "RAs are really skilled at navigating and embracing the awkward that comes with some of those roommate disagreement conversations. They're really skilled at mediating them, asking the questions and helping students understand that sometimes it takes a little time to navigate a difficult dialogue with someone but the time is worth it in the end," Wippich says. 

If a roommate situation is particularly bad, most campuses have resident life staff who can evaluate complaints on a case-by-case basis and help students make the best choice for them, even if that means switching rooms or taking other action. 

"Ultimately they're here at the institution to pursue their academic interest and get a degree and, fundamentally, that's what we as resident life staff are here for – to help them get that degree – so anything that we can do to help and assist is in our best interest and theirs as well." Hunter says. 

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