7 College Jobs That Will Turbocharge Your Resume

Some student jobs can give you specialized career experience as well as a paycheck.

Don’t let your effort to gain job experience become a useless and forgettable affair
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6. Group exercise teacher: Not only can you avoid the freshman 15 – and get paid for it – but also you'll be able to tell potential employers you're a great leader and motivator. You have to "have a good routine to keep a class wanting to come back," says van den Heuvel. 

The job also wins you points for reliability; if you're teaching a class of 20, you can't pull a no-show at the last minute. Should you want to teach off campus, plan to get a group fitness certification from the American Council on Exercise or a similar organization. Many campus gyms are happy with their own certifications, which are cheap and painless to get. 

7. Chief executive of your own startup: Celeste Currie, a Syracuse University senior, is an information technology major. But thanks to her role as founder of Soulscarf, which sells handmade scarves, she's mastering marketing, problem-solving, networking and taking risks. 

"I've learned to pitch in front of important people without getting super nervous," says Currie, who successfully landed her wares in a boutique near school. The job also has taught her about taxes, legal documents and payroll. 

"In the classroom you can learn what an LLC [limited liability company] is, but you don't file for one. Knowing what something is and actually doing it are two different things," she says. 

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