Infographic: Top 50 National Universities

See which states have the most top schools in the 2014 rankings.

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The 2014 edition of the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings, designed to help students and parents make an informed decision about undergraduate education, provides insight into nearly 1,800 colleges and universities. 

Out of the 281 National Universities in the country, U.S. News numerically ranked 270 institutions. National Universities are defined as schools that strongly emphasize research and provide a full range of undergraduate, master's and Ph.D. programs. 

Significant changes were made to the ranking methodology this year, but there was little movement among the highest-ranked schools. However, after a two-year tie with Harvard University, Princeton University is now the sole No. 1 National University in the country. 

With nine highly ranked schools, California has the most top schools in one state and is the only West Coast state that is home to top 50 National Universities. On the East Coast, Massachusetts and New York trail close behind with seven and six universities, respectively. Twenty-eight states do not have a school in the top 50. 

View the infographic below to learn more about which states have top-ranked National Universities. (Note: None of the top 50 National Universities are located in Alaska and Hawaii, which are not pictured in this infographic.)