Frequently Asked Questions: U.S. News My Fit

Find out how the U.S. News My Fit tool can help you identify college matches.

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1. What is the U.S. News My Fit tool?  

U.S. News My Fit is a proprietary search engine developed by U.S. News to help students and parents find colleges and universities that might fit their needs while making a higher education decision. Parents and students can enter up to 18 different factors that affect their college choice as well as rank the importance of each factor. 

The U.S. News My Fit tool then analyzes those factors through the U.S. News database of nearly 1,800 schools, returning a list of schools for consideration. 

2. How do I access U.S. News My Fit? 

To begin, sign into the U.S. News College Compass or purchase the College Compass if you are not yet a subscriber. In addition to the My Fit tool, the College Compass gives you access to expanded profiles for nearly 1,800 schools, financial aid information and much more. 

[See these FAQs about U.S. News College Compass.] 

3. How do I use U.S. News My Fit?  

To get started, simply begin entering some basic facts about you or your child. To run a basic search, the tool must have your state of residency, high school GPA and test scores, either SAT or ACT composite. 

After that you can add as many or as few other school factors as you wish. For each factor, you can also select a level of importance, from "Not Important" to "Required." To change these levels of importance, use the star ratings to the right of each factor. 

4. I am not seeing a school that I want to research in my results. Why not?  

The U.S. News My Fit tool relies on the U.S. News proprietary database of college data. There are some instances where individual schools have not provided U.S. News with enough information to make an accurate calculation. In these instances, schools are omitted from the results and are not given a My Fit score. 

5. Do schools have access to my data?  

No, your information is completely private and is never shared with schools or other third parties, except as set forth in the U.S. News Privacy Policy

6. Does the U.S. News My Fit tool work for graduate schools?  

At this time, the U.S. News My Fit tool only focuses on traditional undergraduate schools. 

7. What if I have some suggestions or questions not answered here?  

Please email for customer support. 

8. Why am I seeing a U.S. News My Fit gauge on college and university pages? 

Once you input your information to the U.S. News My Fit tool, each time you visit a school's page on, the My Fit gauge will appear showing your My Fit status. 


Results from the U.S. News My Fit tool in no way guarantee or suggest that you will be accepted or rejected from a college, university or program. The results are based on information you provide and information that U.S. News has obtained through our higher education surveys. 

The U.S. News My Fit tool must only be used as a guide and should not be the only determining factor for selecting a college, university or program. There are many other factors that are important in making a higher education decision, many of which are not reflected in this tool. 

U.S. News reserves the right to modify or update the U.S. News My Fit tool at any time. 

Use of this tool is subject to the U.S. News Terms and Conditions.