Best Undergraduate Teaching Rankings Methodology

Faculty and administrators at these schools commit to teaching undergrads in a high-quality manner.

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For the fifth consecutive year, in spring 2013, U.S. News asked top academics, as part of the annual U.S. News peer assessment survey, to name the schools that they think have faculty with an unusually strong "commitment to undergraduate teaching." 

These rankings of Best Undergraduate Teaching are the schools whose faculty and administrators are committed to teaching undergraduate students in a high-quality manner. College presidents, provosts and admissions deans were asked to nominate up to 10 colleges in their U.S. News Best Colleges ranking category that are committed to undergraduate teaching. 

This item on the peer survey enabled college officials to pick schools within their U.S. News Best Colleges ranking category that have a strength in undergraduate teaching. 

The Best Undergraduate Teaching rankings also focus attention on one very important part of the undergraduate academic experience that is not always directly measured in a college's regular peer assessment survey results and in its overall rank within the 2014 edition of the Best Colleges rankings. 

The Best Undergraduate Teaching rankings are based solely on the responses to this separate section of the peer assessment survey. 

The lists, organized by U.S. News ranking categories, contain the colleges that received the most nominations by top college officials in the spring 2013 survey for having an unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching. They are ranked in descending order based on the number of top 10 nominations they received.

The peer assessment surveys were conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs. 

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