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Updated 12/4/13

The information presented in the directory and in the Best Colleges 2014 rankings and tables was collected during the spring and summer of 2013 via the U.S. News annual statistical survey of colleges.

Before contacting U.S. News to request a change to the directory or other college data, please contact your school's institutional research office (or the equivalent). The person(s) who completed the U.S. News annual Best Colleges statistical surveys should then review the data in question and, if need be, contact us to request a change. 

Requests for data changes: Change requests must be submitted using the actual survey page on which the data in question appear. Mark the correction, scan the corrected page and email a PDF to either the data collector assigned to your school or Requests that are received on forms other than the actual survey page will not be processed. 

Updating the online directory and other college data once the surveys have gone through the verification process is time consuming. Corrections normally take about four to eight weeks to implement. We appreciate your patience. 

Requests for additional unpublished Best Colleges ranking information: If you would like to request additional detailed ranking information, such as where your school ranks in your category, please contact the U.S. News data collector assigned to your school via email, or send an email to

U.S. News will accept requests only from the following university officials: the director of admissions, the director of financial aid, the head of public relations, the head of institutional research, our U.S. News statistical survey respondents, the president's office or the provost's office. 

Other Best Colleges data and rankings questions: If you represent a college or university and have a question or comment regarding our site, the rankings or your school's data, please send an email to

Access to Best Colleges rankings data set for this year and previous years: A subscription to our proprietary software, U.S. News Academic Insights, allows you to access and download historical U.S. News survey and rankings data. For more information, please contact

Badges and advertising information: U.S. News will be offering category-specific badges for the 2014 Best Colleges rankings. These badges will be available to the highly ranked colleges for promotional purposes. Wright's Media is handling all badge distribution and licensing for use in electronic media, print media and reprints; a fee will be charged for all such uses. 

All badge-related questions should be directed to Wright's at or 1-877-652-5295. Please visit for more information about using your U.S. News badge(s) in promotional efforts. 

To learn more about display advertising on, please contact U.S. News University Connection at or by calling 1-866-442-6587.

"Best Colleges 2014" guidebooks or custom reprints: To order a copy of the "Best Colleges 2014" guidebook, call toll free 1-800-836-6397 or visit For discounts on bulk orders of 25 or more copies, please contact

To order custom reprints or e-prints, contact Wright's Media at or 1-877-652-5295. 

Additional marketing opportunities: To showcase your school year-round, we'd like to invite you to add photos of your campus to More than 900 schools have already added photos to their U.S. News directory pages, giving student and parent users a better feel for their institutions. Our free and easy-to-use photo tool allows you to include up to 25 photos. Contact to get started. 

To learn more about additional marketing opportunities with U.S. News, please visit our School Marketing center.