5 Tips for Students Applying to College Alone

Learn how to navigate the application process without parental support.

Students going through the college process alone need to stay organized and find academic mentors.
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Prospective students need to overcome their fear of asking college officials "dumb questions," notes Misericordia's Bozinski. "Go to college officials and say, 'I'm in this alone; can you explain things to me?' More often than not, the person they speak to will jump to help," he says.

5. Visit schools: The college tour can be the best way for a student to decide whether a school is a good fit. Students who don't have the financial resources to make a campus visit should reach out to colleges to see if they provide options for free travel to campus, either by plane or bus, notes Sohmer.

For Bradley University junior Orozco, college visits helped him make his final decision.

"I visited my list of schools a lot," Orozco says. "It was easy to rule out a school once I visited."

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