How to Score Tickets to Limited-Engagement Campus Events

Students and grads offer seven tips for what to do, and not do, to guarantee yourself a seat.

By following these tips, students can increase their chances of landing tickets to premier campus events.
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Jahr, of Marymount, adds that students who need to be no-shows may return tickets to organizers. "[Ask] event planners and ticket sellers to keep an eye out for students who won't be able to go anymore, and to send them your way to resell the ticket," she says.

7. Don't assume you can cheat: Jahr discourages gaming the system by trying to purchase tickets before they're released, sneaking in, or complaining to planners after the event sells out. "Most times, groups are very strict about being fair, so [would-be cheaters] are just wasting their time," she says. "We will remember them, and we'll be less likely to call them if extra tickets pop up somewhere."

But that's not exactly what Clayton Rothschild has seen as a graduate student at Baylor, where he was an Alpha Tau Omega executive board member as an undergraduate. Recent graduates often E-mail the fraternity asking that students, who don't plan to attend campus football games, pick up tickets for them. The alumni flash their own "student" ID cards at the game.

"This trick works," Rothschild says, "because student IDs do not have any expiration listed on them."

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