3 Ways for International Students to Cut U.S. College Costs

Paying for college can be manageable if you explore schools' housing, meal, and job options.

International students have options for cutting costs at U.S. colleges and universities before stepping foot on campus.

International students have options for cutting costs at U.S. colleges before stepping foot on campus.

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In many cases, $2,000 to $2,500 is earned per semester working clerical, tutoring, or lab assistant positions, says Kirby. For instance, Trapti Brisen, a Westminster freshman from India, works as a student assistant in the admissions office, helping with mailings and data entry and escorting students to appointments with staff members. The money she earns covers what her scholarship doesn't: health insurance, taxes, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

International students should contact university financial aid offices about guaranteed employment opportunities, Kirby notes. If a school doesn't offer guaranteed employment before arrival, ask the financial aid office about available jobs that international students should apply to once on campus.

Reyna Gobel, frequently quoted as an expert on student loans and college costs, is the author of "Graduation Debt: How To Manage Student Loans And Live Your Life" and "How Smart Students Pay for School: The Best Way to Save for College, Get the Right Loans, and Repay Debt." She has appeared on PBS's Nightly Business Report and speaks regularly at CollegeWeekLive.