Colleges Try to Engage Students 'Too Young' to Grasp 9/11

But some students insist their youth doesn’t preclude appreciating the magnitude of September 11.

Some schools will display one flag for each 9/11 victim to raise awareness about the September 11 attacks.
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That's why Estep, the founder of the crowd sourcing website, will add a 9/11 tribute on the homepage of his website on September 11. "Not only do people my age remember September 11, 2001, we recognize its historical importance, and that tens of thousands of people's lives will never be the same," he says.

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But even if students intellectually grasp the significance of 9/11, it's not always so easy to remember the day in practice, says Scebbi, the editor of the Toledo student newspaper.

"I don't think most students, unless they were really personally affected, think about 9/11, except the day of, and that's just, 'Oh, it's September 11. I have class at 12:30,'" he says. "It's just one of those things ... [where] you recognize the day on your way to like eight other things you have to do on the day."

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