Professor Sparks Controversy for Klout-Based Grading

Students shouldn’t weigh the influence-measuring site too heavily, experts say.

Social media experts give a thumbs down to those that weigh students’ Klout scores too highly in the classroom or an interview.
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But Klout is just another tool in society's obsession with measuring everything, says Jessica Pryor, a first-year student in both Webster University's MBA and graduate media communications programs. "We love analyzing figures and applying metrics to everything for us to interpret," she says.

Although she would have been caught off guard if a prospective employer asked her about her Klout score, Pryor says she'd have no qualms about revealing it.

"I'm young in my career and need people to see my potential," she says. "If giving a Klout score puts me at the top of an employer's hiring list, you can count me in."

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