6 Challenges for International Students in College

Starting college in America can be hard—but there are ways to overcome each obstacle.

Even the cafeteria can pose an initial challenge for new students at U.S. colleges.

Over Super Bowl weekend Americans are expected to consume 1.23 billion chicken wings.

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"The first week, I enjoyed having pizza and pasta and American stuff," says Drake University student Laad. "I gained a lot of weight when I came here, and then I decided that, no—I'm not going to eat all this junk stuff anymore." 

The good news is that colleges usually offer wellness services and nutrition counseling to help you identify smart food choices. For Laad, meeting with Drake's nutritionist, coupled with her own diet research, helped her to get back on a healthy eating plan. 

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6. New culture: The United States is often called a melting pot, mixing people from cultures all around the world. Still, American culture is distinctive, and might be different from your own. 

"I think I was too hardened to the culture difference—I just rejected it, telling myself, 'No, there's no culture difference,'" says Providence College student Bocharova. Instead, "Accept that there is a culture difference, and accept that it is OK," the Ukranian student recommends. 

No matter what obstacles you're facing at college, remember that you're not alone—and you don't have to deal with them on your own. College campuses provide a vast array of resources to students, because the transition can be tricky for anyone. 

"Even though I came halfway across the globe ..., I don't think it was just me," says Augustana College student Bojovic of his transition challenges. "Just like any other freshman, it takes a while to adapt—but I felt like I pretty much grew up at Augustana."

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