Stay Connected While Your Student Is Abroad

Here’s how parents can keep in touch, without cramping their child’s style.

Instant messaging and video chats can help parents and students stay connected during study abroad trips.
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Part of that preparation is letting go, according to the site's "Top Ten Study Abroad Tips for Parents."

"Don't expect to hear from your child every day ... and don't make your student feel bad for that," the guide states. Unlike Radell, IIEPassport's guide tells parents to make a plan, but be flexible. "It's important to realize that this plan may need to be altered once your child has settled into a study abroad routine."

Whatever schedule or method you settle on—be it Skype, Facebook, phone calls, texting, or E-mails—don't overlook the power of the postal service.

Few things make students feel the love from home than a handwritten letter or thoughtful care package. Just don't forget to include their favorite cookies.

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