College Students Focus Start-Ups on Their Peers

Starting a business in college can offer many benefits and challenges.

Running a start-up in college may give students the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to real-life situations.
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"We started asking, 'Are any of the schools in the local areas doing anything to teach financial concepts? No,'" Gonder says. "'Well, why don't we leverage and mobilize all the students on our college campus who are already passionate about these concepts [and] send them into local urban high school classrooms?'"

Since launching in 2008, Moneythink has expanded to 17 college campuses, including schools such as Columbia University and Stanford University, and the founders aspire to turn it into the "Teach for America of financial education," Gonder notes.

"We believe that within the course of one generation, we can do everything to equip young people with the skills and decision-making tactics that they need to navigate their own finances … and hopefully create a healthier, more prosperous 21st century."

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