Some Students Favor Start-ups Over Academics

Gaining experience in the workplace versus in a classroom is appealing to some young entrepreneurs.

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For Brian Kearney, a sophomore at Rowan University and the founder of Driving Force Public Relations, his motivation for attending college is the belief that a bachelor's degree will make him more competitive in the corporate world.

"I know that I won't be able to get another job someday [without a degree] if I want to get out of this [start-up]," Kearney says. "I know that I'll need this piece of paper."

The perception that a degree will always trump work experience is one E[nstitute] cofounders Ittycheria and Sarhan hope to change with their program.

"College does work for some people and some careers, but we think there needs to be another option for education," Sarhan says. "There has to be a way to create a new accredited model of learning around real-life experience on the job. There has to be another way for young people."

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