4 Tips to Finish Community College

Attending community college can be a major cost saver, provided you stay on track.

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It's normal for students to be unsure of what they want to study in school, notes Joan Zanders, director of student financial aid and support services at Northern Virginia Community College. If you need help pinpointing a field of study, duck into the career counseling center, Zanders recommends—a useful resource offered at most community colleges. 

A career focus will help future nursing student Jessica Cameron stay on track while studying at Hudson Valley Community College in New York next year, the current high school senior predicts. 

"Nursing is a very competitive field, and it will drive me to do better and do the best that I can to get my goal," Cameron says. "Having an end goal is always a good idea ....that goal will push to be better [and] will make you want to do everything you want to do in life and push yourself forward." 

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